Honestly, is this the way to test and optimize your designs?

Relying on subjective design critiques

Design decisions based on gut feeling because no real data exists.

Danger of getting into the HiPPO effect (Highest Paid Person's Opinion).

Lack of quality metrics leads to lengthy back-and-forth during the sign-off process.

design discussion
user study

Conducting expensive and time-consuming user studies

Require a lot of preparation and planning.

Costly, as participants have to be recruited and compensated ($6,000 - $10,000 per study).

Usually performed only once, which hinders an iterative design process.

There's a better way to do it.

Clueify provides you with crucial performance feedback on your concepts before you launch them. Using our AI, you can predict with 92% accuracy where users will look and how they will perceive your design. It's like having hundreds of test users just a click away, but without the associated costs.

Step 1

Upload your design

Simply upload your design and select the target medium (mobile or desktop). Within seconds, you'll get your practical analysis results.

We have plugins available for all your favorite tools, so you don't have to take screenshots or export your designs manually.

Adobe XD
Google Chrome
clueify analysis results - heatmap
Step 2

See where your users are looking at

Our AI-generated heatmaps show you which elements users are drawn to and which parts they overlook entirely.

Quickly identify weak spots in your design. Do users see the important content? Do they recognize key page elements (links, buttons, and CTAs)?

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Step 3

Optimize based on your analysis

Improve your design by making incremental changes and eliminating weaknesses. Run quick A/B tests and see how your changes affect user attention.

clueify A/B-Testing
design presentation
Step 4

Present your design with confidence

Impress stakeholders when delivering your project by presenting a user-tested design. Use your Clueify analyses to back your design decisions and benefit from a faster sign-off process.

Developed for UX designers, product managers and marketing professionals


UX Designer

Replace time-consuming eye-tracking studies and preference testing with our Attention Maps and Clarity Score. Clueify instantly provides you with comprehensive insights into the user experience.


Product Manager

Improve your KPIs and developer productivity with design testing before each release. Your team and users will thank you for fewer iterations.


Digital Marketing Manager

Clueify shows you the way to attract the attention of your customers. Use reliable data to differentiate yourself from competitors and improve the performance of your campaigns.

This is how Clueify works

See which elements attract more attention than others.

Areas of Interest
Areas of Interest

Measure the attention of critical areas

For example, highlight the call-to-action button and see what relative attention it receives. The Areas of Interest (AOI) allow you to quantify the attention. They are therefore ideal for A/B tests.

Clarity Score

Evaluate how clear and aesthetically pleasing your design is

Users form an opinion about the credibility of a website within the first 3.42 seconds. The decisive criterion here is the design*. The Clarity Score is based on a globally conducted study with thousands of test persons. It, therefore, offers you an objective evaluation of your design. Individually conducted preference tests become obsolete.

*Stanford University 2003

Clarity Score

Follow a data-driven design approach for better results.

Data Driven Design Process

What is Clueify?


Test your new products


Understand where users are looking


Achieve a higher conversion rate


Quick A/B testing for your designs


Validate your hypotheses


Make your designs clear and concise

Here is how the AI works

Starting point are several globally conducted eye-tracking studies with over 20,000 data points. Our AI algorithm has used this data to learn how certain target groups react to different designs. Clueify's technology results are 92%* consistent with those of a traditional eye-tracking study.

Simply upload your design and select the display medium (mobile or desktop). Within seconds, you'll get your actionable analysis results.

*The value was measured in a representative study with test data.

Clueify AI

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We help you improve working designs, identify inconsistencies and test new ideas - even before you launch.

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